Day 18 – Tongue to John o’Groats

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We all woke up knowing that today was going to be different from all of the other’s.  For a start there was low cloud.  Cloud, what’s a cloud? A strong wind was also blowing and its direction was not in our favour! We could sense the finish was upon us, even though we still had 25 miles of hills to face before we could enjoy the comfort of a flat ride to the finish line.  With the cloud building we almost thought that we would have to don our waterproofs at some point.  Fortunately the sun came out, but it did little to abate the wind. Just so you get the picture we had to pedal downhill at one point! By the time we reached Thurso for lunch we were ready for a well earned break. After lunch we headed into the back roads where we took it in turns riding side by side. This was so we could shield ourselves from the crosswind and conserve our energy.  Counting down the last few miles the adrenaline started to kick in and the pace started to quicken. With a final left turn and the last few turns of the pedals ‘Team Lejog’ had finally made the 1030 miles to John O’Groats!

Day 17 – Tain to Tongue

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photoA nice cool start greeted us today as we pedalled through the Monros. Our route took us along the shores of Dornoch Firth, Loch’s Shin, Naver, Loyal and Craggie and onto the Kyle of Tongue. Enjoying a tailwind we were able to cover ground very quickly. We also experienced one of the most scenic days of the tour, which was totally stunning.  In fact, we had to remember to keep our eyes on the tarmac as we became absorbed in the beauty of the landscape.  Upon reaching Tongue a few of us continued over the causeway and made a short ascent which offered far reaching views of Rabbit Island.  Having been so fortunate with the weather we have been counting our blessings – along with miles – which now total 969!

Day 16 – Boat of Garten to Tain

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A fabulous sea mist awaited us this morning allowing a much cooler start to the ride. It wasn’t until we reached the Kessock Bridge over the Beauly Firth that we started to get a glimpse of any scenery as the sun began to make its presence known again. On reaching Inverness we weaved our way to the cycle cafe for mid morning tea and cakes and the opportunity to see a replay of Chris Froome’s epic finish on Mont Ventou. Continuing our journey through the Cairngorms the usual medley of songs rang out through the various villages we passed through. Our next stop was Dingwall for lunch. Finding not one cafe open the only option was the local pub. With 20 miles left of the route we ran parallel with the coast where we could see the disused oil rig in Cromerty Firth and far reaching views of the Black Isle. Picking up a stiff headwind for last 5 miles we arrived in Tain by 3.30 enabling an earlyish finish before regrouping for dinner with the rest of our cycling party.

Day 15 – Pitlochry – Boat of Garten

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Welcome to Highlands


A fairly flat route awaited us today with a long gentle climb to the gateway of the Highlands at the top of Drumochter Pass. Sandra had the most scenic puncture of the tour.  We joined the old A9 road for several miles which has been designated a cycle route.  We then headed for Dalwhinnie distillery and on past Kingussie and General Wade Barracks.  With temperatures at 29 degrees we found respite in some undulating woodlands before heading past Aviemore and back into the heat of the afternoon.  We were all really pleased to reach our hotel to gain a reprieve from the heat of the day.

Day 14 – Stirling to Pitlochry

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With barely any time to get the legs turning we were climbing up onto the moor. Some pretty steep sections kept us pedalling hard in the hot weather.  Once on the high land we encountered some superb vistas through Sma’ Glen skirting such places as Dunblane, Gleneagles and the odd distillery.  Our morning stop was at the Stuart Crystal Visitor Centre on our way to Crieff.  On leaving the Glen we pushed onto Aberfeldy. This was where Richard and Patrick encountered the bridge crossing we were using closed.  Having arrived at different times there was a mutual strong exchange of words with the workmen leaving no one best pleased! The rest of the group got the message and were able to make a detour. The remainder of the route was fairly flat and we ended the day in the picturesque town of Pitlochry where stayed at a most unusual hotel. We were warned it was like Fawlty Towers and that pretty much summed the place up!

Day 12 – Abington – Stirling

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At long last a mostly flat route passing between Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The first stop of the morning was upon us fairly quickly as we’d managed to put on a decent pace. After a quick trip to the apple pie shop – absolutely scrummy – we continued onto Shotts where we overshot the lunchtime cafe!  On our way out of town we stopped at the local ambulance station to ask directions to the cafe, only to be told that it was shot for refurbishment.  The ambulance crew then invited us into for tea and coffee.  It was at this point they had an emergency call and left us with full use of their kitchen and lounge facilities.  Within seconds Sally was comfy in leather armchair and watching the telly while Patrick made drinks for every one.  We never saw them again, so we had a whip round and left them details of our blog – so thanks guys your generosity was very much appreciated.  So far, so good…..  After our next refuel stop we headed off for Biggar.  The nearer we got the bigger the climb became! Once at the top we had far reaching views of the Firth of Forth.  A big downhill then awaited us all the way into Stirling.  Tomorrow is a day off so we will be back soon folks.

Day 11 – Carlisle to Abington

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firstlasthouse scotland



Hurrah! No climb first thing this morning.  We started with a low key entry into Scotland.  Passing through Gretna Green we met up with the other party on our tour for a photo stop. Sye and Richard popped over to the first house in Scotland marriage room to contemplate their future together.  We then headed onto the next town where Sye suffered a broken spoke on his rear wheel.  He headed off to Dumfries to find a bike shop and met up with some other cyclists and went for a ride with them.  Sally, Patrick, Deb and Jane took the shorter route whilst the rest of us went the longer, hillier route via Drumlanrig Castle. Stopping at the Castle for a late lunch we then enjoyed a very scenic climb over Wanlockhead.  In fact, the scenery was so stunning that none of us opted for a fast descent. Instead we made our way down slowly into the tiny village of Abington for our overnight stay.

Day 10 – Hawes to Carlisle

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Woke up to a slightly cooler day today. The statutory climb was upon us within two miles of leaving Hawes and led us straight into a strong headwind. Turning right at the top we were on the cusp of leaving Yorkshire and into Cumbria. Finding 10 feet of land between the two signposts Sye decided to claim it for himself. So please do stop and visit Syemanland if you are ever in the area. With the climb done and dusted we pedalled apace to Appleby where some of us enjoyed the savoured the local dish of fruit loaf and cheese. The rest of the route was fairly flat although the beautiful views continued – yes, from time to time we do remember to look up from the tarmac! We then pushed onto Carlisle and came in on a main road which was pretty daunting at times. We also had to navigate a motorway island and then turn right across 2 lanes of fast moving traffic to reach our hotel. It resembled something out of Wacky Races!


Welcome to Cumbria

Day 9 – Huddersfield to Hawes

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Today we were promised that it would an easier day from our Tour Leader. By the end of the day we’d decided we didn’t believe his promises anymore. Climbing Mount Tabor onto the Yorkshire Moors was a long drag although it was worth it for the fantastic views that awaited us. Our route took us to Haworth where we stopped for well earned refreshments before heading onto Skipton for lunch. Richard and Patrick pushed on ahead so with the 6 Lejog ladies and Sye we prepared ourselves for the ascent (notice a change in vocabulary from climb to ascent) over Fleet Moss. This will be a stage in the Tour de France next year – just remember we got there first!!! We do somehow think that the professionals will be climbing at a higher speed than 3 miles an hour! Once at the top we knew we had reached the highest point of the tour at 2000 feet. The day ended with a wonderful descent into Hawes and a burst tyre for Jayne.

Factoid: We are now half way!

Day 8 – Youlgreave to Huddersfield

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With hardly time to settle our breakfast we were were straight into climbing mode through Bakewell and onto Bamford. It was upon entering Bamford that Patrick was overtaken by a car which then cut straight in front of him to enter a petrol station. Fortunately he just managed to keep his bike upright as the car had made contact with his handle bars. Having a word with the driver it became apparent that they hadn’t even been aware of his existence or that they had made contact! After a short refreshment break and with the temperature continuing to rise we knew we had another big climb ahead. After passing Ladybower Reservoir the climb proved to be a toughy and offered up some extremely steep sections. The heat off the tarmac was incredible. Once at the top we headed for Langsett Reservoir where we were greeted with the smiling faces of our friends Jill and Mark and Liz and Simon who were joining us at our hotel for the evening.


Celebrating at the top of Fleet Moss.

Celebrating at the top of Fleet Moss.