Day 11 – Carlisle to Abington

firstlasthouse scotland



Hurrah! No climb first thing this morning.  We started with a low key entry into Scotland.  Passing through Gretna Green we met up with the other party on our tour for a photo stop. Sye and Richard popped over to the first house in Scotland marriage room to contemplate their future together.  We then headed onto the next town where Sye suffered a broken spoke on his rear wheel.  He headed off to Dumfries to find a bike shop and met up with some other cyclists and went for a ride with them.  Sally, Patrick, Deb and Jane took the shorter route whilst the rest of us went the longer, hillier route via Drumlanrig Castle. Stopping at the Castle for a late lunch we then enjoyed a very scenic climb over Wanlockhead.  In fact, the scenery was so stunning that none of us opted for a fast descent. Instead we made our way down slowly into the tiny village of Abington for our overnight stay.

8 Responses to “Day 11 – Carlisle to Abington”

  1. Congratulations on reaching Bonny Scotland. Sye and Richard make a very handsome couple. Helloooooo to you all, and glad to hear you are all still going well. It was great to see you all in Huddersfield.
    Gill and Mark.

  2. Jan Overton Says:

    So glad to hear that you a had slightly easier start for once, i just can’t imagine what it must be like doing so many hills in all this heat. Keep slapping on the sunscreen!!

    • Kaye Radford Says:

      Hello all
      Well done on reaching Scotland, maybe it will cool down a bit for you now. Total respect for you all cycling in this heat, bet you have great suntans in all the right places. Have fun on the final laps and look forward to all the stories and pics.
      Kaye and Paulx

  3. Shirley Way Says:

    Fantastic! Keep going. You are doing amazing!xx

  4. Congratulations for reaching Scotland you have all done so well and sounds like you are all enjoying it too, I get out of breath reading about the hills never mind climbing them lets hope it will be a bit flatter and cooler for you all now.
    Lynne and Mark xxx

  5. Jan Downward Says:

    Hoots mon the noo!
    Well done you lot, totally blown away by your achievement so far. You must be cream crackered by now.
    Take care
    Jan D x

  6. moira robb Says:

    Keep going Pauline, we are thinking about you all the time – you never know – after this – you may be able to walk up Clent with us!!

  7. Brilliant blog – makes for a light-hearted lunchtime read! Love the whacky races bit in Carlisle! Well done to all of you for gettig this far. I hope you enjoyed your ‘day off’ and best of luck for the final push!
    Be safe,
    Clare xx

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