Day 16 – Boat of Garten to Tain



A fabulous sea mist awaited us this morning allowing a much cooler start to the ride. It wasn’t until we reached the Kessock Bridge over the Beauly Firth that we started to get a glimpse of any scenery as the sun began to make its presence known again. On reaching Inverness we weaved our way to the cycle cafe for mid morning tea and cakes and the opportunity to see a replay of Chris Froome’s epic finish on Mont Ventou. Continuing our journey through the Cairngorms the usual medley of songs rang out through the various villages we passed through. Our next stop was Dingwall for lunch. Finding not one cafe open the only option was the local pub. With 20 miles left of the route we ran parallel with the coast where we could see the disused oil rig in Cromerty Firth and far reaching views of the Black Isle. Picking up a stiff headwind for last 5 miles we arrived in Tain by 3.30 enabling an earlyish finish before regrouping for dinner with the rest of our cycling party.

6 Responses to “Day 16 – Boat of Garten to Tain”

  1. Shirley Way Says:

    keep it up everyone – you are all doing amazing. really interesting to read what you are acheiving every day.
    Wendy – well done!xxx

  2. I’ll bet that sea mist was a God send. And you never thought it was going to be hotter in Scotland, of all places.

    Well done to you all; I’m sorry the plane is not available for collecting you, Wendy.

  3. What a gigantic effort, the force was obviously with you (Wendy). Well done to all, enjoy your final day and bask in your glory! Mike & Sarah.

  4. Nearly there you brave souls. Well done. Kathy & Sinclair

  5. Wow you’ve all done amazingly well ! What lovely weather for you, although I don’t know how the hell you’ve managed cycling in this heat…its enough for me to walk the 30 yards to my greenhouse to water my tomatoes!
    You’re almost there now! Well done and enjoy the rest of the week Wendy.
    Clare & Neil xx

  6. David Street Says:


    There are many things I have know you have done in life Wendy. I have had the pleasure of sharing many of your stories and witnessed some truly inspirational events. I have followed with interest this your latest challenge, the obstacles you will have no doubt have had to overcome. I congratulate you on your achievement and once again have the great pleasure of being inspired by my Aunt.

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