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Who’s who?

Posted in Lejog on June 30, 2013 by lejogsb9

We have received lots of requests to learn more about who we are cycling with. Further information on our personal and fundraising stories can be found in the May archive on the Stourbug website:

Here is a little summary about each of us.

Patrick – Avid cyclist and motorcyclist.

Has committed a lot of time as ‘Coach’ to the female contingent.  Now owed lots of free beer on tour!

Raising funds for Brain Tumour UK

Sye – Second End to End!

Rode John O’Groats to Lands Ends in 2011.  Cycling again for his favourite charity.

Raising funds for One Voice

Richard – Seasoned LeJogger.

Partaking in his 2nd trip and not a tent in sight this time.  An outrider and unofficial pace-setter – winds up the pace when no one is looking!

Sandra – Great in a crisis.

Has raised lots of money for Charity through cycling.  Out on her bike most days of the week.  Weather guru, offering hourly updates and team advisor on beauty treatments!

Raising funds for Mary Steven’s Hospice

Sally – Chief ride planner.

A full-time cyclist who is always smiling and very adept at getting other’s on their bikes, whatever the weather!

Raising funds for Brain Tumour UK

Pauline – Team translator for all things french!

Makes the most of the hill training available on her doorstep when not competing at golf or walking the dog.

Raising funds for Primrose Hospice

Jayne – Cycling enthusiast.

Supplements her fitness by “training on the three local hills, of which there are actually six really”!

Raising funds for British Porphyria Association

Wendy – Team blogger.

Has taken an alternative approach to her fitness regime and now can’t stop eating!  Will be on the lookout for a good story.

Raising funds for Actionaid

Debbie – The secret cycling whippet.

Does a great sprint past the ‘peleton’.  Would do the Queen proud when waving – ooops that’s meant to be signalling!

Raising funds for Sunfield Children’s Homes

The finishing touches

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With all the hard work of training behind us, this is the week for practicalities.  Now that bikes have been serviced and kit finalised the trip has become a reality.  The ‘breakaway group’ of Patrick and Richard are planning their escape down to the West Country on Wednesday morning, covering an additional 296 miles over three days.  We look forward to meeting up with them again in Lands End on Saturday.

‘Team Lejog 2013’

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Team Lejog 2013

The ‘Bugs’ prepare to head northwards

With most of the training complete it was time to stop for a ‘photo-call’. In pursuit of fitness since 1st January the number of miles pedalled in a day has ranged between 35-135. With our various charities now gaining from the fundraising that has been put in place we start to make our final preparations. So, with two weeks to the off we have dreams of decent weather uppermost in our minds!